Saturday, October 02, 2010

Eco friendly cabs in Chennai and more news...

Have you seen the new eco friendly cab launched in Chennai recently?
If not, view a picture of the cab on the YOCee's ePaper.

Whenever the Team YOCee comes across interesting happenings, we think of the kids who would love to know about them.

That's the reason we publish the ePaper.

How is it different from the website, a curious question popped up from one of the parents who keenly follows the website YOCee. We replied, "Read it once and you will see it all for yourself!"
He came back quickly to say - Yes, this is different!

The website aims at sharing news, info and reports mainly my student reporters, who are part of the annual programme YOCee hosts. But the Team YOCee reports on all the news and information that would interest the kids, of course, of Chennai city.
Know your neighbourhood first is YOCee's policy!

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