Friday, April 20, 2007

Turtles in conversation!

Olive-Kuppamma and Ridley-Suppamma, two of Chennai's sea turtles will have a unique conversation this weekend at a show in Chennai.

They will share with you story of their lives, and how they have survived on Chennai's coast against all odds. They will also tell you about their survival from hatchlings to young adults who have now returned to the beach of their birth, to lay their own eggs.

All through a puppetry show in Tamil!

Dr. R. Bhanumathi, Managing Trustee, Pavai Centre for Puppetry, will be the Chief Guest at the programme, and will give a short introduction and demonstration on puppetry, one of the most ancient forms of entertainment in the world.

The event organised by Naturequest, will be held at the Book Point Auditorium, 160 Anna Salai (Opp. Spencer Plaza), Chennai.

On April 21, 2007 at 7 pm.

The programme is open to all and entry free.

Be at the programme. After all, the ridleys are known to have nested since at least 400 AD at the beaches of Chennai.
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