Saturday, May 20, 2006

Have fun making your own website!

Hey kids!

Want to make your own website, which really works?

Don't know any basics of web designing? Dont' worry.

It is as simple as a search on the internet. What do you do when you want an info through the internet? You go to and start searching... I know!

Now Google lets you design your own website with as many number of pages as possible, but limited to 100mb space. Hey. . . that's a lot!

All that you need is a gmail account, for the time being. (If you don't have one, ask your friend to send an invite to you and open a new gmail account - Gmail is available only on invite, you must be knowing!)
You can even write to me... leave a comment in this blog. I will try to help you!

Go to
Login with your gmail id and password. Now you are ready to create your own website.
There are pre defined templates and layouts available - just to make it easy.
You can create a home page and have links to other pages.
You can host your photographs.
You can publish your writings, drawings and all the information you want to share with your friends.

If you are a little more creative, you can do a lot more!
For example - if you live in an apartment complex, you can build a web site for your complex and start sharing the happenings.
Share birthdays. Host photographs of all functions in the apartment like Independence day, Ganesh Puja, Children's day, Sports day, etc.,
And if any aunty or uncle is teaching maths, Hindi or crafts, you can publish the infor on the site so that you all can have fun days together!

Even useful information like last day to apply for a competitive exam, availability of a rare book in the market. . . even the day and time of telecast of Harry Potter movie on Pogo channel!

Sky is the limit!

Go ahead and build your web site, during the holidays, so that you can keep updating after your school reopens.
And don't forget to send me the link. . . I would love to look at it!

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katelyn said...

it prolly wouldnt work but i dont want to waste my time soooo im not gonna do it im 10 and yesss u got told by a 10 year old im jk but im really srry