Saturday, March 25, 2006

Journalism workshops co-ordinated by an editor-publisher of newspapers

Please see revised post under Summer camps 2006 .

Jounalism workshops for senior school students (class 8 to 12)
At Adyar and Mylapore.
The workshop will cover English for communication, reporting, interviewing skills, writing the news and feature writing. The participants will be exposed to handson field and desk work. Apart from providing an introduction to journalism and news media, the workshop will be intensive with assignments to be done outside the workshop hours.
Outstanding writings will also be published in the neighbourhood newspapers.
The workshop is for 15 days (30 hours) and will begin on April 17.
Two hours a day 9 - 11 am, Monday to Friday.
Admission open to 20 young people.
Workshop is co-ordinated by Vincent D'Souza, Editor - Publisher of three community newspapers.
The workshops will be conducted at venues in Adyar (Indira Nagar) and Mylapore (R.A. Puram 3rd Main Road)
- Rs. 1000 (non-refundable) to be paid on selection.
To register, send a report on anything you wish - a local store, a local event or a local person who interested you in 150 to 225 words. You will be selected for the workshop basing on this sample work.
Mail your reports to or call Ms. Parvathy at 24982244

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Vincent D' Souza said...

There wil be only on workshop - in R. A. Puram, and NOT two as we had planned.
The workshop is scheduled to begin on April 24 NOT 17 - so that kids who are still unwinding from the exam fever can sign up.
Contact Parvathy at 2498 2244.
- Note from Vincent D Souza